Punk carter in my eyes is one of the top trainers I have seen. He is great with horses, knows what he’s doing and is a fantastic teacher as well.
I have worked with him numerous times as well as sent my stallion to him for training. Punk taught me how to ride Cutting horses and after a few years of competing at the NCHA Celebrity Cutting I won in 2010! Working with him was such an honor and I learned so much.
I will always look up to Punk as a horseman and person!

Kristy Lee Cook

Punk is a family friend and has given great knowledge and instruction. He has led thousands in horse and cutting industries through lessons and his enthusiasm of great horsemanship.

Chris Cox
3 time World Champion of Road to the Horse
Top Clinician and RFD Television Host
Mineral Wells, TX

Just wanted to give some feedback on my Horse (Cheeto). When I brought him to you, he was a little hard to handle at times. He has since returned home and we are dragging things and roping dummies. Holden has progressed him along so we can enjoy riding him and he is not scared of a rope. Just wanted to say thank you for fixing this horse.

Keith Goff
Sherman, TX

Punk Carter is a great mentor and friend. He’s been one of the largest factors to my success as a horseman and person. Even with all of his achievements and accomplishments, he is till open and innovative enough to adapt what’s best for the horse.

Dan James
2008 Way of the Horse Colt Starting Australian Champion
2012 Road To The Horse- Team Australia World Champion
Lexington, KY

“My sister and I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Punk Carter and having him help us improve our skills.  Most everyone knows Punk’s name, especially in the world of cutting, but there’s a lot of folks who don’t realize how his lessons and horsemanship are amazingly helpful for us Barrel Racers as well.

After working with Punk just a few times, we saw a drastic difference in our horses. He brought us back to the basics, and helped us get our horses softer, quieter, and all around more broke.

We’ve had the privilege to work with some great trainers over the years, but Punk stands out as a true horseman and a man with a gift for training horses – and people. His training techniques are most effective and he communicates in such a clear way for both the horse and rider to understand.

Last Saturday after leaving Punk’s ranch, I ran at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo in Fort Worth that evening. I was pleasantly surprised to run a 14.57 and place 2nd behind a 14.56! It had been a while since I had placed anywhere, and I know that where we improved our time was a direct result of the training we accomplished at the Carter Ranch. We feel very blessed and are excited to see what the future holds!”

Jenna LaMaster


Sam Sockwell
Ashton Sockwell