CowTrac™ Mechanical Cow Systems

The ultimate system for training your horse to work a cow, stop straight, improve roll backs and maintain proper position


Why CowTrac™?

  • Buy with confidence – endorsed by cutting, cowhorse and reining professionals
  • Over 50% of CowTrac™ customers have purchased other mechanical cows in the past or used one at a friend’s or trainer’s
  • CowTrac’s™ state-of-the-art technology doesn’t require heaters or climate controls systems
  • Round Pen Setup with any CowTrac™ model
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • All systems (flag or cow) include supercord – stronger than kevlar, doesn’t stretch and the cover doesn’t dry out like kevlar. Supercord line keeps the flag from bobbing up and down in motion or when it stops.
  • Selectable stops (hard, medium, soft) standard on all CowTrac™ models
  • BUMP technology available on all systems – set speeds from remote
  • Record/play built into Ultima – 4 programs, 500 moves each controlled from remote
  • With a variety of single and dual speed systems and prices starting at $1025, we have the right system to meet all your training needs
  • Extremely responsive compact digital remote
  • Universal mount standard on all models
  • 120/240VAC and battery operation on all models
  • International power cords included
  • Lightweight – portable
  • Upgrade policy – never lose any of your investment – upgrade any time for only the difference in the original cost
  • Warranty – 2 years including system and remote



Set System Speeds from your Remote with “BUMP” Technology


Now you can set speeds with a touch of a button on your remote.

Bump Technology eliminates getting off your horse, changing the speed dial(s) on the system and remounting. Working with a young horse? BUMP the speed down with the “-” button. Want to speed it up for an experienced horse? BUMP it up with the “+” button. Easily set slow and fast settings across full range.


Ultima systems remember the speeds used when programming.


“We use Bump exclusively to adjust speed settings. We never use the dials”.
— Mike Wood


BUMP is available on all systems and can be added to any CowTrac™ system for $150 regardless of age.